Vehicle Tracking

Real-time location & GPS

Fleetroot advanced location services ensure effective visibility across the fleets, resources and operations helps fleet businesses to unify cost , efficiency , productivity and safety .

  • Real-time tracking and visibility
  • Location history for compliance monitoring
  • Intelligent workspace for efficient dispatch
  • Trip automation with ETA
  • Routes performance visibility
  • Real-time traffic data visibility

Intelligent & Customizable Alerts

Have first-hand information of your mobile assets/resources/sensors through intelligent and customizable alerts via SMS/Email/Mobile- notifications to help you proactive to any critical situation

  • Overspeeding
  • Excess Idling
  • Route Deviation
  • Geo or Territory fencing
  • Unauthorized access

How Can Fleet Management Software Benefit you?

  • Improved utilization and productivity of Fleet & resources
  • Improved Driving habits and safety
  • Increased visibility to fleet and resource operations
  • Reduced Fuel Costs
  • Real time visibility to asset distribution
  • Improved customer response time
  • Increase in Fleet life span
  • Maintain Fleet Maintenance Schedules & Cost