About us

About Us

We believe that every project existing in the digital world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause.

Workbotics (Private) Ltd is an IT company which trades as Ultra Solutions. We are a company that offers I.T solutions i.e develop systems. Our goal is to serve and service all IT needs for all our clients and to be a nonstop shop. While our services, product and quality and prices will be excellent, our marketing strategy focuses on building long term relationships with our customers. The company is duly registered and incorporated under Zimbabwe Companies Act.


To provide ultimate IT solutions for business operations.


To provide adequate solutions to corporate and individual clients.

This is achieved through the employment of intellectual capital embodied in a capable human resource base, complemented by the effective utilization of modern technology whilst enhancing stakeholders value, we maintain professionalism, client focus, efficiency, trust and take cognizance of the societies within which we operate.